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Blast. Conqueur. Crush. Win. Rinse. Repeat. (You Get the Idea)

You're looking at future website of the Arcade Creator – a fun toy that lets you design your very own arcade-style games and share them with your friends. If you don't have any (what a pity) we'll let you borrow ours!

The games and the game builder are produced with our very own JavaScript game library (and a little help from Prototype and for the game editor) you can build 'n play your games online without downloading anything! You can even embed your game on a website, like your blog, your myspace page, or dedicate a whole site to it! So, join our little army of arcade geeks & enthusiasts -- get on the beta list!

ArcadeCreator Builder

Our groovy game builder lets you design
your own games and create levels online -- all during your lunch break!

What kind a games can I build?

Pretty much anything you can come up with that can be rendered in 2d. For game-styles we support tiled, screen wrapped and sandboxed games. So you could build the next Space Invaders®, Robotron®, Pac-Man®, Gauntlet®, or Super Mario Bros®.

We *might* offer networked multi-player support in the future (it works in theory). But for the time being these games are just single player.

If all this sounds too exciting for you, just go back to your cube and sharpen pencils. It's ok... we won't mock you -- that's why you have co-workers.

ArcadeCreator game

Your games can be played by anyone with a modern web browser.
We are using old game tricks (from back when CPUs ran at room tempature)
to get the most out of javascript! Ok... granted, i'm a geek -- but doesn't that sound cool??

You said Share? What’s sharing?

It's ok, we failed that lesson in kindergarten too. "Sharing" means you can embed the finished game on your website, blog, myspace, etc. etc. Or invite people to play it on ours.

Also, every game you make has its own scoreboard. So you can keep track of high scores and we'll even sponsor tournaments eventually!

ArcadeCreator in a blog

Insert a game panel into your blog sidebar.
Challenge visitors to beat your high.

We want to see people draw their own ships, elves, flying saucers and giant-oil-bubbles-that-consume-cities. To that end, we let game designers upload thier own original graphics. We take care of the animation; just draw out the cells on our templates.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope. Coding sucks (trust me -- I do it almost 14 hours a day). So we’ve made it easy. Just choose or create some graphics, music, sound effects and then create game levels using your objects that you drag and drop on the screen!

You can define your own players, powerups, enemies, details, map blocks. Then place them into specifically designed level map, or use "generators" (special hidden objects) that spawn your goodies around the player!

PS: If you know Javascript you *can* define new advanced behaviors for objects).

When can I start building my game? I WANT IT NOW!!!!

Good news and bad news -- bad news first. We aren't finished with development – we are still working the kinks out ourselves (mostly on the weekends).

The good news is you can tell us to hurry up! We'll even let you be the first to beta test 'em and give us your 2¢.

Bring your best game

We will not send spam, or christmas cards. No selling your address, no bullshit.

The more people that tell us how fantastic our idea is the quicker we will wrap it up. Even if it means giving up our social lives! Come to think of it, *what* social lives.

Who is behind this?

Who wants to know?
Chrisitian Vanek (a.k.a. "evil genius programmer") and Scott McDaniel (a.k.a. "wicked kewl web 2.0/CSS designer") that's who. When not wasting time on little ideas like this, they are also building a kick ass online survey tool called SurveyGizmo & working day jobs... (grumble grumble).

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